Junkers F.13

The following pictures were taken at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, in June 2003.

This aircraft, a F13a c/n 715, was used by Junkers Luftverkehr until 1924 as D-343, christened Schleiervogel. It was sold to AB Aerotransport in 1924 as F13f and was withdrawn there in 1935. Later it was transfered to the Technical Museum at Stockholm. It is completely restaurated today (text from The Hugo Junkers Homepage).

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f13   000.jpg
f13   001.jpg
f13   002.jpg
f13   003.jpg
f13   004.jpg
f13   005.jpg
f13   006.jpg
f13   007.jpg
f13   008.jpg
f13   009.jpg
f13   010.jpg
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f13   015.jpg
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f13   020.jpg
f13   021.jpg

Scale model at the museum