AVRO Lancaster

The following pictures taken and kindly contributed by Dave Hollingsworth in UK.
engine bulkhead (top).JPG
inside looking aft from entry door.JPG
Looking aft 1.JPG
Looking FWD from rear entry.JPG
Looking Fwd from Starb entry door.JPG
No 2 from below.JPG
No 2 inboard lower view.JPG
No 2 lower inboard view.JPG
No 2 outboard Mount.JPG
No 2 top front view.jpg
No 2 top view.JPG
No 2. outboard view.JPG
No 3 wheelwell & flap nacelle.JPG
No. 2 inboard side.JPG
No. 2 lower view.JPG
No.2 starboard side.JPG
No2 wiring harness etc.JPG
Port side ammo track.JPG
Stab flap & No 3 eng.JPG
Tailwheel mount.jpg