Harbin Z-6

I recently had a major hard disc failure (read: virus)
that deleted all my files, including the mail and name of the contributor of these images. If you're the one, please e-mail me here.

There has been a bit of debating about the exact type helicopter depicted here. I think Chris Jones of Heli-Kit News (http://www.5chr.freeserve.co.uk, go there for a look, tremendous site for chopper fans) has the answer.

"The photos in question are of the Harbin Z-6. Although it is very different from the Mil Mi-4 Hound in many respects, it was indeed based on the Harbin Z-5, the Chinese version of the Hound. Notable are the following:
  • Engine location moved from nose to top of cabin.
  • First use of Turboshaft engine in a Chinese helicopter.
  • Fuselage extended and completely new cockpit section.
There seems to be widely conflicting information about the production status,
ranging from "prototype, never built" to the assertion in International Air
Power Review Vol.1 (there's a photo here) that over 100 of these are thought to
have been in service, and that some are still operational.

The Z-6, although a Harbin design, was actually built in the Changhe and
Changzou plants."

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