Republic SeaBee

The following series of close-ups was taken at Barkarby airfield, June 14 2003. The four last pictures were taken at Vallentunas Aviatörförening, near Stockholm in 1999. The first series was taken with my new Nikon 3500 Coolpix digital camera.

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seabee   002.jpg
seabee   003.jpg
seabee   004.jpg
seabee   005.jpg
seabee   006.jpg
seabee   007.jpg
seabee   008.jpg
seabee   009.jpg
seabee   010.jpg
seabee   011.jpg
seabee   012.jpg
seabee   013.jpg
seabee   014.jpg
seabee   015.jpg
seabee   016.jpg
seabee   017.jpg
seabee   018.jpg
seabee   019.jpg
seabee   020.jpg
seabee   021.jpg