De Havilland SK 28 C2 Vampire

This particular aircraft (Sk stands for Skola or Trainer) is owned
and flown by the Västerås Flygmuseum in Sweden. It was
bought from the Swiss Air Force when it was phased out in 1992.
The type flew in the Swedish Air Force until 1967, the last ones
being stationed at F5 in Ljungbyhed.

The pictures below were taken in 2001 at the (more or less) yearly
air show at Tullinge, formerly F18 just south of Stockholm.

vampire_01.jpg vampire_02.jpg vampire_03.jpg vampire_04.jpg
vampire_05.jpg vampire_06.jpg vampire_07.jpg vampire_08.jpg
vampire_09.jpg vampire_10.jpg vampire_11.jpg vampire_12.jpg
vampire_13.jpg vampire_14.jpg vampire_15.jpg vampire_16.jpg
vampire_17.jpg vampire_18.jpg vampire_19.jpg vampire_20.jpg
vampire_21.jpg vampire_22.jpg vampire_23.jpg vampire_24.jpg
vampire_25.jpg vampire_26.jpg vampire_27.jpg vampire_28.jpg
vampire_29.jpg vampire_30.jpg vampire_31.jpg vampire_32.jpg
vampire_33.jpg vampire_34.jpg vampire_35.jpg vampire_36.jpg
vampire_37.jpg vampire_38.jpg vampire_39.jpg vampire_40.jpg
vampire_41.jpg vampire_42.jpg vampire_43.jpg