Revell box top Wayne Fowler contributed the following images of the X-35B. The photos were originally taken in support of Revell Germany decal project. The aircraft had just returned from a test flight and was being serviced under a shelter in preparation for another flight.
x35_01.jpg x35_02.jpg x35_04.jpg x35_05.jpg
x35_06.jpg x35_07.jpg x35_08.jpg x35_09.jpg
x35_10.jpg x35_11.jpg x35_12.jpg x35_13.jpg
x35_14.jpg x35_15.jpg x35_16.jpg x35_17.jpg
x35_18.jpg x35_19.jpg x35_20.jpg x35_21.jpg
x35_22.jpg x35_24.jpg x35_25.jpg x35_26.jpg
x35_27.jpg x35_28.jpg x35_29.jpg x35_30.jpg